Dealing With The IRS

Taxes And You

Columbia, SC Tax Debt LawyerDealing with the IRS or the South Carolina Department of Revenue can be very challenging. You probably feel like they don’t care about your circumstances and they just want your money–yesterday. This can force you to face some pretty punishing situations like accepting garnishment, levy, and liens. This is on top of the compounding penalties and interest. The IRS can seize your bank account, income, and control and sell off your assets–this is when they’re not politically targeting various individuals and companies. We have the experience to deal with resolving tax debt you may owe to the IRS in Columbia, SC. The IRS is quite powerful and we don’t want you to go into this alone without a South Carolina Tax Debt Relief Attorney. We want to help you solve your tax problems just like the countless other individuals and small businesses in the Columbia, SC area who:

  • are an innocent spouse of someone in trouble with the IRS
  • are facing an IRS tax audit
  • are facing seizure of assets by the IRS
  • are under criminal investigation
  • have not filed their tax returns
  • have received an IRS levy notice

What We Do

Having about 20 years of experience under our belt, we have the  know-how to work to get you results. We can help by finding the area(s) in which you’re having difficulty, and

  • stop your wage garnishment
  • stop a bank levy and foreclosure proceeding
  • remove any tax lien
  • remove penalty and interest charges, and when criminal charges are brought, we can provide
  • criminal tax defense

As a general rule of thumb, the IRS has ten (10) years to collect what you owe, but this is not always the case. We know that no two cases are the same, and in your unique situation, you may fall under a different statute of limitation than the general 10 year rule. We know the various exceptions, extensions, and other loopholes and waivers that the IRS uses which allows us to help you a more favorable outcome.

Do You Owe $$$?

Please learn more information about dealing with the IRS, and contact an attorney immediately so you have to drown in interest and penalties that keep pouring in. Let us help to resolve your tax debt to the IRS for a mere fraction of what you may owe.

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Business Law: Conditions and Warranties

Conditions and Warranties in a contract of sale of goods have terms regarding the quality, price, mode of payment. Not all the terms are equal in importance. Some of the terms are major and are referred to as conditions while are minor and are referred to as warranties. The breach of conditions may terminate a contract but the breach of warranties may not be so vital.
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Express and Implied Conditions

Conditions are express when they are willingly inserted in the contract by the parties and implied when the law presumes their existence in the contract automatically. Unless otherwise agreed the law is co-operated into contract of sale of goods in the following implied conditions;

· The condition in a sale by description. The buyer specifically describes what he wants

· Sample where the buyer gives a sample to the supplier to buy exactly the same

· Sample and description. Uses both sample and description.

· As to fitness or quality. The rule that the buyer should be aware that unless he explains to the seller the purpose for which the goods are required in which cause the buyer will be relying on the seller’s judgement. It will be assumed that the seller is familiar with the goods.

· The condition as to merchantability. The goods should be by market standard be in sale able condition. The condition is implied only where sale is by description. Merchantable quality must be that good must be reasonable under the description by which they are known in the market.

· The right to sell.

Implied Warranties

Warranties as seen above are not so vital when breached. The following are the rules that govern warranties;

· Warranty of quiet possession is where once you have acquired a good you are entitled to enjoy it without interference.

· Warranty of freedom from encumbrances is where whatever good you have brought, nobody else has lien over those goods.

· Warranty of disclosing of the dangerous nature of goods to the ignorant buyer i.e. pesticides. The seller must inform you of dangers of such goods.

Doctrine of caveat emptor means buyer bewares. Implies that it is the duty of the buyer to be careful while purchasing goods for his requirement and that in the absence of inquiry from the buyer the seller is not compelled to disclose any defect in the goods of which he may be aware.

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Corporate and Business Law

There are a lot of aspects in business that need to be processed with legality. Corporate transactions should always follow legal processes to avoid conflicts between and among individuals involved – finances, contracts, real estates, etc. That said, corporate lawyers therefore play an important role and this is the reason why business entities not just seek advice from business lawyers outside but they hire them as permanent members and function as part of their legal counsel. Business lawyers work to settle various corporate issues, including the following:

Compensation issues – a corporate lawyer can settle compensation-related issues between employer and employees; he sees to it that a business entity does not violate the law governing compensation/benefits for its employees and at the same time he also ensures that these benefits are not abused, which can be ‘fatal’ to the business itself when not addressed appropriately.

Business formation – starting a business involves many legal processes, including securing business permit, leasing and other real estate contract, establishing a concrete company policy, etc. – a corporate lawyer from Strom Law can help so that all of these are on the right track.

Shareholder agreement – also known as stockholders’ agreement (in the US), this needs to be managed by a lawyer who is expert in corporate and business law as this involves complexities of legality and finances. Other issues settled by corporate lawyers are dispute resolution by arbitration, constitutional documents, mechanism for removing minority shareholders, 4

Corporate financing – this involves dealing with monetary decisions, analysis of corporate acquisition, financial operation of a company that includes raising money for a variety of projects or business ventures. As complex as it is, a corporate lawyer can play an important role to take part of all the legalities involved in all of financial transactions a business undertakes.

Regulatory compliance – a corporate lawyer can also take part for the fulfilment of business compliance in accordance to the prevailing rules and regulations mandated by law. This helps a company performs its business without any conflict with the existing policies established by the government, which could cause some problems in the future such as criminal or civil penalties – when the governing policies are not fulfilled.

Commercial litigation – this is perhaps one of the biggest responsibilities that a corporate lawyer can have on his shoulder; this involves settling legal controversies and business issues. Some of issues handled by a corporate lawyer under commercial litigation are breaches of contract, class actions, employment disputes, business dissolution, breach of fiduciary duty, debt collection – among others.

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