Dealing With The IRS

Taxes And You

Columbia, SC Tax Debt LawyerDealing with the IRS or the South Carolina Department of Revenue can be very challenging. You probably feel like they don’t care about your circumstances and they just want your money–yesterday. This can force you to face some pretty punishing situations like accepting garnishment, levy, and liens. This is on top of the compounding penalties and interest. The IRS can seize your bank account, income, and control and sell off your assets–this is when they’re not politically targeting various individuals and companies. We have the experience to deal with resolving tax debt you may owe to the IRS in Columbia, SC. The IRS is quite powerful and we don’t want you to go into this alone without a South Carolina Tax Debt Relief Attorney. We want to help you solve your tax problems just like the countless other individuals and small businesses in the Columbia, SC area who:

  • are an innocent spouse of someone in trouble with the IRS
  • are facing an IRS tax audit
  • are facing seizure of assets by the IRS
  • are under criminal investigation
  • have not filed their tax returns
  • have received an IRS levy notice

What We Do

Having about 20 years of experience under our belt, we have the  know-how to work to get you results. We can help by finding the area(s) in which you’re having difficulty, and

  • stop your wage garnishment
  • stop a bank levy and foreclosure proceeding
  • remove any tax lien
  • remove penalty and interest charges, and when criminal charges are brought, we can provide
  • criminal tax defense

As a general rule of thumb, the IRS has ten (10) years to collect what you owe, but this is not always the case. We know that no two cases are the same, and in your unique situation, you may fall under a different statute of limitation than the general 10 year rule. We know the various exceptions, extensions, and other loopholes and waivers that the IRS uses which allows us to help you a more favorable outcome.

Do You Owe $$$?

Please learn more information about dealing with the IRS, and contact an attorney immediately so you have to drown in interest and penalties that keep pouring in. Let us help to resolve your tax debt to the IRS for a mere fraction of what you may owe.

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Breach Of Contract Business Litigation

Breach Of Contract

South Carolina Breach of Contract AttorneyOften times, in the business world, disputes arise and need to be resolved by way of a lawsuit. In the real world, delays happen, financial issues can arise, or other unexpected events can happen that can put a contract on hold or even keep a successful business contract from being completed, and makes hiring a South Carolina Breach of Contract Attorney necessary.

What Is A Contract?

A business contract makes rules and obligations that need to be met by all parties or companies that entered into the contract. Under South Carolina law, both parties must live up to their agreement, and a party’s failure to carry out a certain aspect of the contract is called a “breach of contract,” and can be remedied by breach of contract suit.

What Constitutes A “Breach”?

Depending on the specificity and details of a contract, a breach can happen when one or more parties fail to meet deadlines, doesn’t meet the terms and conditions, or simply doesn’t perform at all. Usually the remedies will be outlined in the contract to address material or immaterial breaches.


Remedies can include:

  • Damages – payment in some form or another to include compensatory damages, punitive damages, nominal damages, liquidated damages;
    • Compensatory damages – put damaged party in the position as if the breach hadn’t occurred;
    • Punitive damages – payments the breaching party must give to non-breaching party to fully compensate for particularly wrongful acts;
    • Nominal damages – damages awarded when no monetary loss occurred to the damaged party; or
    • Liquidated damages – damages that were specifically outlined in the contract that explain what a reasonable outcome is, in the event of a contract breach.
  • Specific performance – to simply put this, it is the court mandating that the breaching party carry out some performance or duty under the contract; or
  • Cancellation and restitution – the non-breaching party may cancel the contract and sue for restitution if some sort of benefit, handout, or any action or gift was given to the breaching party prior to the breach. This action will make the contract null and void and relieve all parties of any obligation to perform under the contract.

What Should I Do?

If you’ve been affected by a breach of contract, please contact a business litigation attorney who will work with you to see what kind of remedy is due to you or your company. Let us help you with your suit and let us help protect you from being further damages due to a breach of contract.

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Fighting Wire Fraud Charges

Federal Wire Fraud Defense

South Carolina Federal Wire Fraud AttorneyThe name “wire fraud” may seem pretty confusing, but the concept is pretty simple, albeit broad. The law defines wire fraud as trying to scheme or defraud others out of money or property under false pretenses by means of electronic communications, or, “wires.” Because the internet is so wide, wire fraud generally involves “interstate” matters making it a federal crime. If you’re charged with wire fraud, you could be looking at enormous fines, incarceration time of up to 20 years, or both. South Carolina takes these cases very seriously, meaning you should immediately hire an experienced South Carolina Federal Wire Fraud Attorney who can handle cases involving:

  • Fraudulent insurance claims
  • Bond issuances and investment schemes
  • Falsifying loan applications
  • Check fraud schemes
  • Bribes or kickbacks
  • False advertising or misrepresentation in sales transactions

We have a great deal of experience representing clients, from all walks of life, in these major federal criminal cases or investigations that involve wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, and RICO violations.


We are aggressive in our negotiations and, if it comes to it, courtroom trial. Many times, bank fraud can also include wire fraud as the wiring of money has been used as a means to deceive individuals or businesses. The transferring of money to an offshore account to hide illegal doings can lead to extremely serious federal criminal charges, which we are adept to defending. Our experience and familiarity with prosecutorial techniques allows us to have the experience and effective legal representation that we are known for as federal wire fraud attorneys. We will work tirelessly to have your charges reduced, or even dismissed.

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